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29 February 2028 @ 08:29 pm
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28 February 2024 @ 01:03 pm



26 November 2011 @ 12:15 pm
Happy Birthday to Ohno and Maru-chan! :D <3 I love you both copious amounts, please never ever change :) You're both sweethearts, and I adore you to no end :)

It's been like, 25 days since I've updated and I am possibly the worst friend to have on your f-lists :C I'm sorry guys. I've only been on tumblr because it's just so easy to reblog shitthere, and I'm sorry for not commenting on anyone's lj posts, though I am reading everything! I will catch up soon :C And it seems like my twitter usage has dwindled down to a depressingly small number of tweets a day D:

Life has been hectic. I have mocks these three weeks, so there is a lot of studying and not studying and worrying going on right now. In 2 weeks, my department is staging their annual production. This year we chose 5 short plays; I'm acting in one and directing in another, so rehearsals are also eating up my time, but it's all great fun though a lot of hard work, and I really love my cast and crew so so much :) 

I feel very far away from Johnny's fandom, but I don't know, I feel like accessing it has been hard for me these few weeks. Still, I LOVE Eito's new album (Dye D is my jam oh my god, and the new PVs are awesome!), and I listened to Arashi's Energy Song and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, THIS IS THE ARASHI I FELL IN LOVE WITH 4 YEARS AGO ;________; sobs all around.

I'm feeling lots of rage towards people these days. Stress is getting to me, and the feeling of not being good enough is rampant in my life :C it makes me sad. I'm really just. Used to being happy. I'm kind of pissed at my parents for a number of reasons, but that's a story for another time. But rage and ~emotions~ aside, I am going for this:

... and I am so excited, you have no idea. FML ok, seriously, B1A4 ;______; I am crying tears of sheer joy in the midst of my shit feelings.

Please feel free to spazz through comments. I'll be around this time, I promise D: This is the first full KPOP con I'll be attending, the last time I saw a K-act was Wonder Girls in 2009 at MTV World Stage.
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17 October 2011 @ 09:35 pm

This. This had me wheezing with laughter okay. I cannot. I cannot function and I just needed to share this with you guys because I know some of you like B1A4 and I CANNOT CONTAIN MY FEELINGS hfajslajslkajlkajs

... :|

LEGIT TEARS ROFLMAO, SURE HE WOULD. SURE. HE. WOULD. HA. And this is where I write B1A4 fanfic or something where B1A4 are gang members with Jinyoung as their leader who will cut you if you mess with his bros, yo. Ha, CNU would be his righthand-man, Sandeul would be their tech guy and Channie and Baro would be the gunmen. I would write it. I would.

I will.

Srsly. I would :|

note; the actual lyrics are "my only hope it is you" roflmao my life. credits to b1a4confessions.

This aside, my driving exam is tomorrow fml I am so scared but hopefully things will work out I AM PRAYING THINGS GO OKAY, I DON'T WANT TO FAIL GODAMNIT.
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06 October 2011 @ 10:50 pm
Meme! From natsudive! :D

1. Reply to this post with "RIDIN' DIRTY", and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Anyway, she gave me these 5:

It's. Aiba. Squishing a puppy. Basically it's two good things together creating a giant ball of happiness and it's just brilliant, and Aiba and a puppy = eternal sunshine and rainbows. It's probably the icon I've kept the longest, about 3 years now? I've never not had it, haha :D Aiba is the first person I all out loved in JE and he will always always always be special and have first love benefits and priviliges <3 

Shige! Coming out of a huge sheet of paper. Don't you just imagine him tearing out of your wallpaper and freaking the shit out of you :B I think it's adorable, and I loved that particular NEWS shoot (I don't think I have it anymore though, since my laptop died on me the last time), so, I really Shige, and I really like it! And I really miss NEWS now :(

It's my one and only G-Dragon Icon! I love him, and I adore this icon because I just cropped one of his G-Market promo photos and decided to use it, lol. I love a lot of things about it, 1) it's GD and he will always be my favourite Korean (there are lots of things going on with him now but I will never stop loving him), 2) lip-biting hnnng i cannot ;____; lip-biting is hot ok, and I really love GD when he does it (there was a scene in the Jibe Kajima MV that I replayed over and over and over /sobs), 3) ring! I love rings and I love GD's rings and whatever he wears basically because he is a colourful rainbow diva fashionista and I want all of his clothes :3, and 4) hands. ide. Just. Hands.

This was an epic epic epic episode of HnA and Mannequin 5 will forever be one of my favourite segments out of all their shows homg ;w; I loved the whole Sakurai Sho vs Sakurai Mamoru thing and it was so hilarious when he was out with Verbal and that bitchdoctor, and I just. I want everyone with... interesting fashion sense to come together and get their own clothing line, I will just dump Sho, Yasu, Koki, Massu, and G-Dragon into a room with fabric and see what happens.

THIS IS MY ONE AND ONLY .GIF ICON :D With the one and only Ahn Jaehyo from Block B. I love it, I ADORE HIM LIKE NO OTHER, and he is possibly the stupidest most derp idol I have ever admitted to liking. He makes me cringe in secondhand embarrassment all the damn time, BUT I LOVE IT ;____; his mouth is never ever ever closed and even his bandmates say something along the likes of "Our Jaehyo-hyung looks so cool and he had a great image for our group, then he opened his mouth and that was the end of that." roflmao. He wears full-body Pikachu suits as pajamas, tries too hard to be cute to the point that it's painful to watch, and he is such a pretty pretty boy who just. Makes me laugh. A lot. 


aaaaaaaand yeah. I'm still sick-ish. My left ear has been blocked since last Wednesday ever since I got my flu, and yeah. Backdrip from my nose and sinuses and shit have caused my ear to block up, so everything is muffled. I can't really listen to music properly, and putting in one earbud into my right ear makes my hearing abilities go to zilch D: it sucks, but I am on antibiotics. I also got a prescription for some kind of energy boosting pill BUT IT DOESN'T WORK AND I AM STILL SLEEPY ALL THE TIME ;_______; Hope everyone else is doing great! How are you guys :) AND AND AND has anyone else watched the new Zoom Zoom Ver. of  B1A4's Beautiful Target MV, I want to cry about them throwing Jinyoung into the jailcell and the Jindeul and basically all of Channie and CNU and Baro's face.

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04 September 2011 @ 07:31 pm

Can we talk about how cute this CM is. Really. Aiba and the lobster are my favourite, and they look like they're having so much fun when they run and then scooter jslkajdlkajsjas :D

Hey guys I'm back from Paris. Just a check in! I wrote a 2000word essay on Shakespeare in the last 2 days, which is... I admit, not that amazing, but considering everything, I am happy it's done with, for now! :D

Also, the footage of Kokuritsu and the baloons made me cry just now. Looks like I don't have to wait for the actual dvd. Seeing pictures was bad enough on tumblr, but the moment I saw the video, it was over for me ;A; I always end up crying at the balloon scenes.
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08 August 2011 @ 01:37 am


I am dying from secondhand embarrassment whenever he even opens his mouth because everything that comes out is so ridiculously awkward and cute and stupid and sometimes so herp-derp idek what to do.

Why do you do this to me. Why are you like this ;A;


(guh, his hair looks amazing pushed up like this ;A; why does he usually leave it in it's bowl shape with his crocodile-clipped sideburns, i don't understaaaaaand.)

Ha. Hahahahaha. My life.

So. Hi you guys. Obviously you can see that I'm dumping on more groups into my fandom lists. Block B is now one of them, following B1A4. And. And idk, yeah. 

In terms of JE and etc, I AM SO PSYCHED FOR K8 ON ARASHI NI SHIYAGARE NEXT WEEKEND GUYS OH MY GOD. Also, I am getting good internet next weekend, so pray for me ;A; if all goes well, I'll be having speeds I've never had before ;A; How is everyone? I'll comment on f-list posts asap!
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19 July 2011 @ 10:18 pm
kind of hating life right now because i am so sick it's pathetic. ok so i'm not like dying-dying sick but it still sucks, okay. so there. fever, flu; the works. i just feel like crap ok.

Things I would like to Obtain at This Very Moment in Time:

1. My nose. Either unclogged or unrunny, please. Not some weird mixture of both. Make a damn choice, why don't you?! I prefer clogged to running all over the place like a leaky faucet okay.

2. Peaches. Anything that smells/tastes/brilliant like peach. Oh god, I love peaches.
  • Peach drinks. Not limited to juice, but also peach water (lol, those korean bottled things that Taeyang advertised once), peach tea, peach yoghurt bliss and other peach flavoured drinks.
  • Actual peaches to nom nom on. I think there are some in the fridge, but hello, redundant if I want to taste them but can't taste nothing much.
  • Yoghurt. Again, refer to above.
  • IMPAAAAAACT PEACH MINTS. Oh wait, I have this. Okay.

3. My sanity. Or at least, energy. I'm so lethargic, it's not funny. It's sad. I can't do much at all. I'm too tired to work on anything, and my A-Levels newsletter layout is sitting somewhere in my computer, there are things I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO OKAY and half of me doesn't care. Augh.

4. Merlin S01-S03. Seasons 1-3. Okay, so I have this because my brother downloaded them for me, but he's in the next room, and believe it or not, I think he's not out of bed yet, tbqh.

5. Gantz 1. Cannot be downloaded because I have a download cap. Or rather, it's expensive, fyvm, internet provider.

Okay, and in the last week I've been pretty much scouring the entire realm of the internet obsessing over B1A4. Which is. A really really adorable cute fivesome rookie Korean boyband. I've pretty much watched all there is to watch and followed twitters and everything and I'm kind of telling myself I'm doomed because I do not need another group to follow, gdi. But I cannot resist them ;____; they are too cute. THEIR RAPPER'S FACE IS RIDICULOUS. So. So cute. But his voice is like j ajs;kafal;ska;lks.

I also have a huge thing for bangs and bowlcuts now, considering out of the 5 of them, only one has a visible forehead, and ide. ok, idek. I also may be madly in love with their lead vocalist Sandeul/Junghwan because. Because he's just so damn adorable, seriously! LOOK AT HIM. a'ksa;'ld';alsalslldja;sks. kill me please. ok. please. and oh god, his voice. here, have another music video: Only Learned the Bad Things. They've also butchered my Engrish and Bling Girl (title of one of their songs) is now "Pringle" to me.

Hmm. Five member group inclusive of 1(+) rapper. This is becoming a trend. Why am I such a sucker for the pretty.
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06 July 2011 @ 02:53 pm

Meanwhile, I think he's so goddamn amazing, and I absolutely ADORE HIM.

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13 June 2011 @ 12:09 pm
 sdfkl;asdfg oh my god I just hate my life right now.

I am happy. So, so happy that the Arashi dvd is gonna be out and people have already shared rips, and I am so excited for everything, I cried a little. Emphasis on the little, because the little bit of crying was for happiness while the rest of my tears were out of rage and the monster in my soul CRYING because my internet is currently so shitty, that downloading a 3.5mb song takes an hour and a half and downloading the whole damn concert and training camp and everything would like, take me a month or something. Eg, I've had the YouTube tab of Mada Minu Sekai e open for half an hour and a quarter of it has loaded. A QUARTER. 

fml fml fml fmfl. 

Meanwhile, my dad is trying to get this... new router THING which steals gets internet off the SKY from some super network my country is providing and it was supposed to work, but it doesn't. Supposed to be fixing the thing today. EVEN IF I GET IT, I will have supposedly speedy internet... with caps on what I can download. Just. gblha;shjask wtf. Not caps exactly, but it'll cost me about 30 bucks to download a gig of stuff, and a concert is not the way to go huh. Hate life. Right now. 


Here. Have my thoughts on X-Men: First Class. I wrote it in my diary, as in a real one in book form, because I had to since the internet is shit. Spoilers ahoy?

X-Men :D and reliving the days of my childhooooood~Collapse )

I hate my internet.
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